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In 1952, I was born the youngest of 5 natural children and 2 adopted children. As a youth I sang in the church choirs, taught Sunday school, collected money for UNICEF, and ran my own baby sitting business. I eventually had 5 children of her own.

In 1988, I went to college part time and received the "JILL ALEXANDER AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE", also worked 10 years as a child care worker, took very good care of my ailing mother, my 5 children and manage to still baby-sit for charity.

In 1995,I found many avenues of escape, while I was deep in depression and mourning the passing of my mother.

In 2006, I have recently got married and have become an advocate for abused children, I sponsor 30 precious homeless children in Andras Predesh, India.

Now my life is all about my songs, my poems and my poetry, I am writing a daily diary of my thoughts, my hopes, my dreams, my mistakes, my new husband, my children near and far, my grandchildren, all 4 of them.

This is a time to reflect on me, a person who always gave so much of herself and never gave to herself.

My inspiration is my grandfather Rev. John Barbour who was affiliated with the Wampanoag American Indian tribe of Mashpee Masaachusetts.

He constantly wrote about people that touched his life. He even wrote a poem about him and his bike, dated 1908.

My pen name is "LOVINGSONG" and the title of my poetry is called "HE SAID"