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My name is Sir-Rayne, my nickname is BAY and I am now 14 years old. One day in November 7 1998, I was on my way to the store to buy some juicey and chips. I went past an abandon building. Some kids was throwing glass and a big piece went into my eye, it cut the cornea in half and lost the lens that protects the eyeball.
I ran home to my mommy and my sister Chyna called 911, the ambulance came and took me to Mass eye & ear hospital where I stayed for 1 week and went through 2 surgeries.
One was for removal of the glass and the other one was to remove a catarac.
I am still not in school yet but I have a very nice tutor named Maryann,she gives me homework everyday.

The ambulance drivers call me and check on me. I lay in bed all day long while everyone does nice things for me. My principal came by to visit, I did not know he was partially blind too. My school teacher came to visit and some of my mother`s friends, who I don`t know and my cousin Ruthie who also worked at my school.

On Jan 12, 1999, I had my stitches taken out, Surgery was only half an hour.afterwards I got a popsicle(yum-yum) and I got a pair of protective glasses.But I lost them.

On Feb 22 1999, I was able to go back to school but I was afraid that I would get teased and be called names and worst of all,that some kid would hit me in my bad eye.

(March 1999) I went back to school and no one teased me, or called me names. Now I have a "Big Brother", his name is Patrick M.(May)and he owns a plane. One day Pat took me flying, I got so sick that I barfed all inside the plane. I guess he was very upset because he had to clean it up.

I got my contact lens but they really hurted my eye(Jan 2000)

Feb,2000-lost a contact

March,2000-I accidentally let the other contact melt(oops)

MAY,1999-got glasses

APRIL 25, 2000-I had surgery and the doctors replaced the lens that I lost in the accident.

APRIL 25,2001-Had surgery again.

AUG 25,2001- I got new glasses and I am now attending Junior High School, It is a private school for boys and is on the honor roll.

summer of 2001, I fell down a pair of steps and almost fell in a manhole. I rupted my knee bone and my "big brother Pat" got another job so he quit being my big brother.

Sept 22,2001- My father Passed away. I have nothing to say.

December,2002- I go to the Lewis Junior high and I am in the 7th grade and doing very well. My school is around the corner, it takes me 2 minutes to get here. My school hours are from 7:30-1:30. I love it.

Dec, 10, 2003- I am in the 8th grade and doing good. I am on the basketball team. I have some cool friends, like OB, Marcel, Brandon, Jade and Jasmine.
I have a new niece, her name is Jelani,she looks just like me when I was a baby(CUTE).

I am 6 feet, 2 inches tall. I take 4 XL in shirts, 40 pants and size 13 shoe, Just in case, you want to buy me some phat clothes for Christmas.

I wrote a short story that was published in the "Roxbury Literary 2004 youth Edition". It is a publication that gives young people a thrill to see their work in print.The name of my story is called "A promise is a promise". For more information, visit the website:

ACT Roxbury"
and support the youth of today by becoming a member.

Nov 16,04-I am going to Brighton High School and I have new friends, they are Tyler, Larry,Davaughn and Demarie (they are twins)Deon and Jamal. I still have my old friends.
My mother got married and I have 1 nephew and 1 niece on the way. They should be here by the springtime. I am still on the basketball team and I am going to a new after school program.

I also wrote a book about playing around abandoned buildings.The name of my book is called


I wish I could invent glasses for kids when they play outside in the dirt or in playgrounds or even around abandoned buildings. These glasses would be very colorful and practical, not too mention comfortable and adjustable too,Did I mention that you could wear them underwater too?
I am waiting for Oprah, Maury, Home Delivery Larry Elder, or even Montel Williams to help me get this book published, I am ready to be on TV and who knows, maybe someone will help me patent these potective glasses. I will even name them "Bay-Wear"

MY HOME in the "Bury"

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