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My name is Sir-Rayne, my nickname is BAY and I am 8 years old. One day in November 7 1998, I was on my way to the store to buy some juicey and chips. I went past an abandon building. Some kids was throwing glass and a big piece went into my eye, it cut the cornea in half and lost the lens that protects the eyeball.
I ran home to my mommy and my sister Chyna called 911, the ambulance came and took me to Mass eye & ear hospital where I stayed for 1 week and went through 2 surgeries.
One was for removal of the glass and the other one was to remove a catarac.
I am still not in school yet but I have a very nice tutor named Maryann,she gives me homework everyday.

The ambulance drivers call me and check on me. I lay in bed all day long while everyone does nice things for me. My principal came by to visit, I did not know he was partially blind too. My school teacher came to visit and some of my mother`s friends, who I don`t know and my cousin Ruthie who also worked at my school.

On Jan 12, 1999, I had my stitches taken out, Surgery was only half an hour.afterwards I got a popsicle(yum-yum) and I got a pair of protective glasses.But I lost them.

On Feb 22 1999, I was able to go back to school but I was afraid that I would get teased and be called names and worst of all,that some kid would hit me in my bad eye.

(March 1999) I went back to school and no one teased me, or called me names. Now I have a "Big Brother", his name is Patrick M.(May)and he owns a plane, I went flying one day and got sick to my stomach and barfed in it. I guess he was very upset because he had to clean it up.

I got my contact lens but they really hurted my eye(Jan 2000)

Feb,2000-lost a contact

March,2000-I accidentally let the other contact melt(oops)

MAY,1999-got glasses

APRIL 25, 2000-I had surgery and the doctors replaced the lens that I lost in the accident.

APRIL 25,2001-Had surgery again.

AUG 25,2001- I got new glasses and I am now attending Junior High School, It is a private school for boys and is on the honor roll.

summer of 2001, I fell down a pair of steps and almost fell in a manhole. I rupted my knee bone and my "big brother Pat" got another job so he quit being my big brother.

Sept 22,2001- My father Passed away. I have nothing to say.

December,2002- I go to the Lewis Junior high and I am in the 7th grade and doing very well. My school is around the corner, it takes me 2 minutes to get here. My school hours are from 7:30-1:30. I love it.

Dec, 10, 2003- I am in the 8th grade and doing good. I am on the basketball team. I have some cool friends, like OB, Marcel, Brandon, Jade and Jasmine.
I have a new niece, her name is Jelani,she looks just like me when I was a baby(CUTE).

I am 6 feet, 2 inches tall. I take 4 XL in shirts, 40 pants and size 13 shoe, Just in case, you want to buy me some phat clothes for Christmas.

Nov 16,04-I am going to Brighton High School and I have new friends, they are Tyler, Larry,Davaughn and Demarie (they are twins)Deon and Jamal. I still have my old friends.
My mother got married and I have 2 nephews on the way. I am still on the basketball team and I now go to the Bird after school program.

I wrote a book about playing around abandoned buildings.The name of my book is called


I wish I could invent glasses for kids when they play outside in the dirt or in playgrounds. These glasses would be very colorful and practical, not too mention comfortable and adjustable too.
I am waiting for Oprah, Home Deliery or even Montel Williams to help me get this book published, I am ready to be on TV.

check out my playground


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