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Here we will tell the story of the beginnings of our organization and how we became what we are today.

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Welcome to LovingDove Ministries.

God bless You for visiting us online,
love from Sister Chynadoll,Brother Ricky, and Sister Carolyn, of Lovingdove Ministries.
-sorry we do not sell avon or reliv anymore but we will send you (DBM) Daily Bread Motivators and it won`t cost you a dime.

 Lovingdove ministries was birthed in 1996 by Sister Carolyn, The purpose of this ministry was to reach the lost souls and to teach the Gospel about a wonderful and compassionate savior called Jesus Christ.One day Jesus is coming back again, real soon.

  The first segment of the ministry we started was the prison ministry, My daughter Chynadoll and I literally wrote over 150 inmates, we are blessed to know that over half of them received Jesus Christ as their personal savior and were released early. I know that God puts us on earth to follow Christ.

  In 1997, Chynadoll started the youth department and we named it DOVES OF DALE, then my daughter took charge of it and might I say she is doing a great job. Every week the kiddies went somewhere special or just stayed in and cooked a special treat, no dues were ever collected. All this was done even though Chynadoll has kidney disease and needs dialysis 3 x a week. Chynadoll does not have the strength to write anyone, that is my job. Each letter is either typed or hand written and we are not excepting marriage proposal this year.(Thanks anyways)

We use the monies from love offerings. We are only a small ministry but the words we speak for the Lord are mighty big.

In 1997, I started my internet ministry, We started off sending Daily Bread Motivator(DBM) to only 5 people, now DBM goes to 48 countries and 19 countries. My cyber friend Pastor Jim from The Shepherd`s son Gospel ministry answers well over 800 e-mails for us.

In 1998 we started feeding the hungry, once a month,Which we called Family Day with meals like Barbeque ribs, BBQ chicken ,mashed potatoes,and gravy and greens,and/or corn bread with sweet potato pie or peach cobbler.yum, doesn`t that sound good?? and it was a successful, not too mention that the devil tried to burn us out. But praise God we are still doing it.

We also have a senior care program where we shop for the seniors and send them meals once a week in which Chynadoll does all the cooking.

Since we are not financially equipped(not yet) to send food baskets, or clothes, or money orders, (But all donations are welcome.)   We are able to send encouraging words to help you through each day that God has made for you. Feel free to write me if you have a problem and want us to pray over it, or if you need a bible. I hope this ministry is a blessing to you and may the awesome God that we serve bless us all.