Now you can make a difference in a someones life.

How you ask?

By sponsoring a Lovingdove Ministries child. These children are under the supervision of Pastor Chapalad JohnsonRoy.

These precious children live in the rural parts of Andras predesh, India. They sleep on the floor of a huge hut. Many of them do not have any parents.

You can show your love by sponsoring a child for only 15 dollars a month.

What can this fifteen dollars do for them.

It promises them, clean uniforms, medical attention and most importantly, a nutritious meal every day.

Lovingdove minstries is a small ministry and working on being non-profit, so as of now, your funds are not tax-deductible, but do not let that stop you.

With your sponsorship, you will receive a profile of the child. monthly updates and eventually you will be able to correspond with your sponsored child.

There are 30 children that need your love, time and effort. Lovingdove ministries is sponsoring a few of the children, we do not want to see any child go hungry

Can you help us put a smile on these childrens faces.
You can contact me via email, by calling the number below or simply by writing to us.

God bless

sister Carolyn of Lovingdove Ministries

POB 191063

Boston MA