my Lord made me a promise that was hard to believe.

But let`s start from the beginning, when they nailed Him on a tree.

For what he was charged, no guilt was found.

But still they ordered him to be bound.

In his life, so many things he endured, starting with no room at the inn,

Until finally Judas`s sin.

He taught us love, faith and about a heavenly home,

Where the Lord our God, we can always roam.

It was a day that was cast with despair and grief,

When they hung my saviour next to a thief.

Pontius the Caesar, gave the crowd one more try. But they yelled even louder, crucify, crucify.

Whipped, beaten, spat upon and worn.

My lord in humility carried the cross on.

On his knees not so long ago, he prayed about this cup.

But he already knew that he ate his last sup.

His angels were crying and some were fighting mad,

But twas my Lords` father whom was most sad.

For his only son, he gave for you and me.

That was his only purpose for hanging on a tree.

Before he died, he showed he still loved you,

When he asked for your forgiveness,because we knew not what we do.

It is over, it is finally done.

Everything was touched, under the moon and the sun.

His body was anointed and buried in a tomb.

And just as he said, he was delivered as a baby from the womb.

His words have power, his words have life.

He defeated death, hell and satan without a fight.

Yes my Lord and Savior has risen and sits by His father on a throne.

Just waiting for each of us, to shed our cross and come home.

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