Greetings, This is from the diary of my daughter Senchona and I wanted to share it with you. Maybe this will shed some light on why I nominated her. I call this true story.....


*Welcome to my world, my name is "Senchona", better known as "Chynadoll" and I am 27 years old female,I am a single mother of a 9 year old daughter name La-Chynae` aka "Chy-chy". I am the oldest daughter and the second oldest child of 5 children. My mother had us all out of wedlock. Since my mother "Carolyn" worked 3 jobs, I used to be called the "mother of the house". I took care of my 4 other siblings. I was a professional model, had been modeling ever since I was a baby, even did an eyeglass commercial while residing in the Virgin Islands. I was about 3 years old then. I graduated from Barbizon modeling school with my baby sister "Sunni". I have a total of 67 awards that I received while attending grammar school to high school, my mother keeps them all in a box in the closets. I even won a spelling bee contest and received a trophy.

I was a great youth leader of a youth organization that I started myself, called "DOVES OF DALE". I took care of special needs children. I took care of a few elderly people in my neighborhood. I would shop for them, clean their homes and read the bible to those that can not. I used go to ceramic class. I was nominated for the NAACP award. I went to Roxbury college for extra credit courses. I graduated from Bryman`s Medical Assistant School.

All this while taking care of my partially blind baby brother "Bay", my younger brother "Sarbryon" and my younger sister "Sunzette" and of course my disabled mother, whom I still care for. When I was 20 years old, my beautiful world came crashing in on that dreaded November 21, 1998. I went to the hospital, thinking I had an eye infection, because my eye was itchy and red. To my surprise, when I went to the hospital, the hospital kept me for a week, that is when I found out that I had RENAL DISEASE.

What is Renal Disease?

Renal disease is kidney failure.    I thought my life was over, I couldn`t believe a young healthy (20 years old) person as myself was affected this way. One week after I was diagnosed, my oldest brother Sorrab aka "Rob" (23 years old) was also diagnosed with renal disease. What are the odds of 2 family members coming down with the same disease, same month, a week apart. I was scared. A million questions raced through my head. What was my life going to be like? What was I going to do now? Who will take care of my daughter? Why me? Before I left the hospital, the doctors put a catheter in my neck, so I could get dialysis, 3 times a week. Dialysis is when the fluids pass through a semipermeable membrane, which filters the fluids. I take Hemodialysis which is the type of dialysis done outside the body and use my own blood.

When I got home from the hospital, I was greeted by a social worker from DSS (department of social services) Apparently someone felt I was not healthy enough to be a "good" mother and filed a 51A on me. About 2 weeks later, the catheter (A tube) in my neck fell out while I was sleeping, if I did not put pressure on it, I could of bled to death right in front of my daughter. Thank God. So the doctors had to put the catheter in the left side of my neck. I knew the terrible pain I was to endure so I cried during the whole procedure, which was all night long. My brother (ROB) was hospitalized twice because his catheter got infected. Several weeks later,I had to stay overnight again in the hospital so I could get a GRAFT put into my arm, a graft is a synthetic piece of material that the surgeon puts under the skin and connects one end to the artery and the other end to the vein. I can not go traveling or work a full-time job because I am tired all the time. My arm is always sore and bruised. I wear long sleeve shirts all the time so people do not stare at the huge bumps on my arms. Each time I get dialysis, the graft swells and gets bigger. I take 39 pills a day and I am only allowed 3 very SMALL cups of fluid a day or crushed ice.

All of my friends are gone, except for my daughters godmother and her family (Ms Jones) and my niece (khema).

I don`t even get phonecalls. Sometimes when I talk to people, they do not even look in my face because my eyes are always red and my skin color is gray and flaky. One day, a friend of the family called me a nasty kidney girl. I cried inside, I did not want him to see my tears.

I can not eat chocolate,
orange juice,
bananas are not a part of my food intake any more.

I have a lot of dreams to come true, one is for my kidneys to work normally again and I really miss cooking dinners for the seniors, who are not able to cook themselves. I call it "FAMILY DAY". but for now I use the little strength I have to spend it with my daughter. I have to accompany my mother to her hospital appointments and I have to accompany "Bay" to his hospital appointments too. He is going every week now. I cook and clean every night for everyone. Once I was referred to as a "pack horse". I have dialysis 3 times a week. The treatments drain my energy and make me so tired that I sleep about 15 hours a day. Everyone calls me "lazy" except my precious daughter who is always trying to baby me. 

UPDATE: June 17, 2000. This year I have been hospitalized at 6 times due to my fistula clotted and causing my arm, not to get circulation.

June 25, 2001 I have graduated from Barbizon and Now I am volunteering at a children`s cancer unit. Rob has a kidney transplant but it rejected.

AUG,2001-I am now selling AVON cosmetics & RELIV products, I also make gift baskets for the sick and shut-ins. One day God will heal my brother and me from this disease. Here is some information from different foundations about Kidney disease and of course, my story.

Also you can check out my baby brother`s home page on  

"Eye-Care" His name is Sirrayne aka "Bay", He was blinded the same time Rob and I got stricken with this disease which was November 21,1998. He wrote a book about how he became partially blind. He was only 8 years old at the time. I guess that is his way of coping with the pain. The name of his book is called I AM NOT HANDI-CAPPED, I AM HANDI-CAPABLE.

Today is Dec 23,02-I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I started cooking once a week again having "Family Day". I must say it has not been easy and sometimes I am amazed that I am able to make it from one day to the next. It has been a while since I have written to keep you updated but since I have been infected. I have been hospitalized 10 times for infection and had 20 surgeries. My hair fell out and I ended up becoming bald and my complexion has turned grayer with blotches. People would look at me and shake their heads. They thought I was on drugs or something.

On August 12, 2002, my doctor ( I will not mention his name) took me off the transplant list because he did not like me. After many prayers, he put me back on on November 5, 2002.

On September 23, 2003. I received a phone call around 2AM, it was my nurse telling me to come into the hospital, they found a donor that matched my blood. You see I have type B blood. I can only have a donor who has type B or type O. I heard that my donor was a young man from the midwest who passed from a seizure. I hope to meet his family one day and say THANKS, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. I stayed in the hospital for 5 days. I started off taking 30 pills, I even took steroids, meanwhile I am going through all of this, still taking care of my daughter and my mother. I have a great bunch of new friends. The good thing is "NO MORE DIALYSIS. I did visit the old unit and gave flowers to all the dialysis patients. I hope it made their day.

Today is December 8, 2003 and I only take 15 pills, I`m even on steroids. I am still in a lot of pain. But as soon as I am able to, "Chy-chy" and I are going to go somewhere together, Just her and I. She deserves it. I`d like her to Disney World one day, I still want to work in the medical field but in a dialysis unit. I want to give back what those wonderful doctors and nurse gave to me-LIFE I still have high hopes for the future. Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!! God bless with lots of love-Senchona "Chynadoll" Loving.

*Jan 7, 2005- Chyna has vowed to finish her career in the Medical field, she just completed her a course to become a CNA-certified nurses assistant. She is a child advocate for sick and homeless children in Kenya Africa, the Philippines and in AP India. Once her regains her all her strength back, she is opening a 24 hour daycare for young mothers and will offer classes in parenting. She still cleans and does shopping for the seniors and is trying to get other young people her age to participate. In Chyna`s own words, "Enjoy life while there is Life to enjoy". Today she is very grateful.


Just the fact that she wants to help other people that are going through what she once went through when she was on dialysis. Now she is extending herself to homeless children overseas. Chyna is helping pastor Chap to build a home for 37 homeless children in Andras Predesh India, she wants all the children to know what it feels like to lay in their own bed.

She is also trying to help Pastor Fernando built a childrens center for the village children in the Phillipines and she sponsors "Karen",who lives in Kenya Africa. Chyna`s donations go towards Karen`s schooling. Chyna makes me very proud to be her mother.

Senchona (Chyna) Loving

47 Dale street

Roxbury MA